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Renolock is the most established of the singleton decks. It was a good deck ever since League of Explorers has been released, and was one of the biggest winners of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It's an interesting deck to pilot, as the singleton character of the deck means a lot of variation in your games as you rank up the ladder.


Reno Jackson and Life Tap are a match made in heaven. You will spend the early game tapping to fill your hand, to then drop strong minions like Mountain Giant or Twilight Drake that are enabled by the fullness of your hand.

The mid-game is not as straight forward as it is with some other decks, and that makes the deck particularly enjoyable. The many cards in your hand give you a lot of options every turn, and the deck offers a lot of interesting solutions for about any situation. Be it combos like Brann Bronzebeard + Kazakus, Sylvanas Windrunner + Shadowflame or any of the other solutions the deck offers, you'll usually find a way to deal with your opponent's board.

Win conditions vary, but the classic ones are either Leeroy Jenkins + Shadowflame + Faceless Manipulator or Lord Jaraxxus.

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